" ...  I had had a horrible experience with another company who said they could create our web sites. I lost a significant amount of money to them and I had no finished websites. ... you helped create the images that I wanted to present on the worldwide web ...  I cannot rave enough about your capabilities and patience working with us." ~ Jacque A.
"... been invaluable to me for my website, blogging and various other technical areas. ... I would recommend him to anyone who needs a web developer who keeps up with the latest in all the pertinent areas."  ~ Janet L.
"Finding David to create my web site was one of the greatest things to happen to my new business ..." ~ Dr. Sharada H.

"Our SEO savior!  Our site was suffering  ... David picked it up and repaired it at a very geeky level, suggesting technical queues and overall functionality!  We love working with David!  Now our new template, new structure, and the site in general is a winner!" Adriana S.
"... David comes from a business background and is uniquely able to understand the needs of the business and how best to market on-line. He knows what he is talking about - listen to him." ~ Dr. Mary Jayne
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